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Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME's) are businesses with an annual turnover of below R10 million. This means that they are exempt from having to comply with the B-BBEE scorecard and merely need to prove that their annual turnover is below the required turnover threshold.


They are thus afforded an automatic Level 4 B-BBEE status. If an entity can also prove that they are 51% Black Owned they are awarded an automatic Level 2 B-BBEE status. If they are 100% Black Owned they are awarded and automatic Level 1 B-BBEE Status. 

The Modified Flow-Through Principle may not be applied when using the Enhancement method. 


EME’s require a BEE Certificate in terms of the original Codes but in terms of the Amended Codes only an affidavit confirming their B-BBEE Status. 

* Please bare in mind that the thresholds for qualification as an EME in terms of the different sector codes, are sometimes different to those adopted by the general Amended Codes.

We will require the following documents:

- Business registration details

- CK2, CM1 or CoR14.3

- Proof of turnover

- Signed Financial Statements, or

- Signed Management Accounts with affidavit, or

- Bank statements for the 12 months of the last financial period.

- Value adding supplier: Proof of your VAT registration

- Are you claiming black ownership? (optional)

- Share register with certificates, Shareholders agreement and certified copies of shareholders’ IDs.

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B-BBEE verification, 

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Disclaimer: Every effort has been made by MSCT BEE Services to ensure the accuracy of the information contained within this web site. Therefore MSCT BEE Services, it's agents, affiliates and employees make no warranties with regards to the performance of this web site and the information and images contained in it. Accordingly, any visitor to this web site renders MSCT BEE Services harmless against all and any loss, liability, actions, proceedings, costs, demands and damages of every kind, (including direct, indirect, special or consequential damages) as a result of use on this web site.

Impartiality policy: Impartiality and objectivity are the fundamentals of effective and consistent BEE verification. MSCT BEE Services therefore adopts a policy that ensures impartiality in all of the company’s activities and relationships.This policy compels MSCT BEE Services directors, managers and staff to undertake their company associated responsibilities with diligence, accuracy and professionalism; and that they comply with the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and fairness. Any person representing the company in any capacity must avoid ethical, legal, financial, or any other actual or apparent conflicts of interest and ensure that their personal activities and interests do not conflict with their obligations to the company, its stakeholders or its welfare in general. MSCT BEE Services is furthermore committed to identifying, managing and resolving any threats to impartiality that may arise from its activities. ​

Appeals of verification decision: The Verified Entity has the opportunity to appeal the findings in their report. This can be done within five days of receiving the preliminary Verification Report. The appeal needs to be in writing, addressed to the Verifications Manager in charge, and will be resolved or addressed, as per the company policy on appeals,  within 30 days of receipt.  


Complaints: ​The Verified Entity has the opportunity to complain about any aspect of service delivery. This may be done at any stage during the verifications process, and the complaint needs to be in writing, addressed to the Manager, Client Services. MSCT BEE Services will endeavor to resolve all complaints within a reasonable time as per the company policy on complaints, which is no later than within 30 days of receipt.

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