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Have a look at what we can offer you: A list of our services.

Our services Include the following:

1. Accredited B-BBEE Verification Services

· We provide independent assurance services aimed at the verification of the legal entities’ B-BBEE status.

· We provide a certificate of compliance within the B-BBEE Act.

· We provide a certificate with an accurate reflection of the legal entities’ B-BBEE Status.

2. Interpretation and Application of the B-BBEE Legislation and Methodologies

· MSCT BEE Services is often engaged with sector charter councils, government and private companies in determining valid interpretations, which can then be applied in legal form during B-BBEE Verifications.

· Our high level of technical expertise in the application of the B-BBEE legislation and its methodologies, is appreciated within the BEE industry.

3. Ownership Verification Services

· Specialising in complex ownership structures, MSCT is often requested to conduct an independent validation of an Ownership Structure which is used for reporting purposes, especially within the listed space.

4. B-BBEE Training and Awareness

· We provide competent training on verification procedures helping entities to understand verification procedures as well as why certain documentation is required to validate sections of the B-BBEE Scorecard.

· We help entities understand the intent of the B-BBEE legislation as well as the application of the relevant methodologies in promoting transformation.

Please note, MSCT BEE services takes care not to engage in B-BBEE consulting or advisory services with clients to ensure independence and impartiality throughout the verification process.

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