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Join MSCT BEE Services at the TFM Talking Transformation Summit.

Join us as a guest at the launch of the TFM Talking Transformation Summit.

TFM Talking Transformation, in association with the BEE Chamber, is launching the distribution of TFM Magazine Issue 23 this coming Tuesday, 01 February 2022. The two hour launch will provide readers with the opportunity to engage with industry thought leaders who will unpack the content.

We are proud to announce that our Director at MSCT BEE Services, Levanya Reddy, will be speaking on the day, and we would like to invite you to register and attend via the link below.

The objective of the launch is to create a safe space for attendees to encourage open and frank discussions. Together with thought leaders, we will delve into the articles’ rationale, address the challenges, and challenge the panel.

The course will be held live and online and the cost is complimentary. So don't hesitate to register below.


The AGENDA for the morning will be as follows:

1.Opening Welcome - Mr. Yuneal Padayachy - 09H00 – 09H10 - The BEE Chamber.

2.Balance of Ownership - Ms. Levanya Reddy - 09H10 – 09H20 - MSCT BEE Services.

3.How is ‘Rural’ verified? - Ms. Yolanda Du Plessis - 09H20 – 09H30 - Authentic Rating.

4.The Premium for Third-Party Facilitation - Mr. Kebalepile Matlhako - 09H30 – 09H40 - The BEE Chamber

5.Q & A Session - All - 09H40 – 10H00

6.QSEs with Enhanced Recognition - Ms. Linda Sewnarain - 10H00 – 10H15 - 5 Star BEE Compliance

7.Enterprise Development - Ms. Zanele Ngcobo - 10H15 – 10H30 - The Sky is the Limit B&K Solar

8.Q & A Session - All -10H30 – 10H50

9.Closing Remarks - Mr. Yuneal Padayachy - 10H50 – 11H00 - The BEE Chamber


To register please click below:

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