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The benefits of the YES4Youth initiative.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

The YES4Youth initiative is a 12-month work experience programme for unemployed youth. This initiative gives previously unemployed youth an opportunity to build experience and a chance to enter the workforce.

Participating in this initiative does not only present significant benefits to the unemployed youth, but to the companies who sponsor these initiatives as well.

By participating in the YES4Youth programme, reaching the required targets and meeting the minimum requirements, businesses have the opportunity to benefit in one of three ways: One B-BBEE Level up: Achieve YES target and absorb 2,5% of your YES youth

One B-BBEE Level up + 3 points: Achieve 1,5 times the YES target and absorb 5% of your YES youth

Two B-BBEE Level up: Achieve double the YES target and absorb 5% of your YES youth

Additionally, informal training (Category F and G of the Skills Development Matrix) conducted with YES employees can further contribute up to 50% of your Skills Development claim.


To learn more about the YES4Youth initiative, visit

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