ICT Sector Council produces a “Sector Monitoring Report."

November 10, 2016

It is reported that Minister Siyabonga Cwele and the ICT Sector Council have already produced a “Sector Monitoring Report”, which outlines the status of the implementation of BBBEE in the sector.


“The report reflects the transformation efforts of ICT companies that were gleaned from 200 BEE verification reports. This is a small sample but it provides a good measure of where the sector is in relation to transformation,” he said. “The report shows that the ICT sector is performing poorly on transformation by all measures.”


He requests that all the companies within the sector, provide information to the ICT sector council for future monitoring reports and praised the commitments made by the industry so far, with focus on the broader aspects such as enterprise and skills development.

“It’s always better for the industry to be proactive rather than reactive. I congratulate them for taking that step of being proactive rather than being forced by law. We are one of the sectors that is really moving because there has been some significant work done.”


Cwele said the ICT Sector Council should be seen as an advisory body, there to help companies, rather than to police them. “They are there to assist the industry to comply with the law, and will work with the BBEEE unit in the department of trade & industry, which has enforcement and monitoring powers. But the main task will be on assisting our companies.”


IF you have any further questions, or would like to discuss the Amended ICT sector code, please feel free to contact us!


Email: bbbee@msct.co.za



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