The Amended Property Sector Code (Gazette number 40910) has been gazetted.

June 19, 2017




The scorecards look as follows:



                                                   Generic                                       QSE

                                         Points          Bonus                  Points           Bonus   

  Ownership                        30                  3                        27 

  Management Control         9                   2                         9 

  Employment Equity         13                    3                        11                    2

  Skills development          19                    3                        17                    3

  ED&SD                            39                    4                        35 

  SED                                   2                                                2 

  Econ Dev                          5                                                 4 

  Total                               117                  15                       105                  5

  Total Scorecard              132                                             110

On page 49, a table identifies the elements that the different Property Sub-Sectors have to comply with. Different Sub-Sectors have different maximum points available to them with only two Sub-Sectors being able to achieve the maximum of 132 and 110 respectively. However, for BEE level purposes, points are grossed based on a formula provided, so no Property Sub-Sector is disadvantaged in respect to the BEE Level which they can achieve. The allocation of points for Specialised Enterprises that fall under the Property Sector Code will be published later.
The confusion over the possibility of Unemployed Learners also being counted as employees under the Employed Learnership target in the Amended Codes of Good Practice has been cleared up. This allows us to see what the intention of the Property Sector Council is regarding the allocation of these points. There are now two clear and separate targets each with a target of  2.5% of total employees.


For any further questions, please feel free to contact Moore Stephens Cape Town BEE Services. 


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