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The YES4Youth definition of absorption.

The YES4Youth programme is a 12-month work experience programme for unemployed youth. Entities who take part in the YES4Youth programme have the opportunity to benefit, should they reach the required targets and meet the minimum requirements.

One of these requirements are to absorb a percentage of these YES participants. But what does absorption mean in terms of the YES initiative?

Absorption has been defined in Government Gazette 42496 as “a measure of the Measured Entity’s ability to successfully secure a long-term contract of employment for the Employee, Learner, Intern or Apprentice.”

The DTIC released a statement of clarification on 24 February 2020, clarifying the definition of absorption specific to the Youth Employment Service Initiative and its implementation.

This clarification noted that the definition of absorption is defined as per Schedule 1 of the Amended Codes of Good Practice (the latest being Government Gazette 42496). However, for the purposes of the YES initiative, the absorption definition has been extended to include black youth establishing their own entity and with the Measured Entity providing support.

It is important to note this definition extension has been limited to the YES4Youth Initiative and is not applicable to the definition applied within the Skills Development element.

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